• Tidy and Compact
  • Moisture retaining
  • Easy self-watering
  • Free from water-logging
  • Use indoors or outside
Please note:
Flowers are not included

Herb Garden
Flowering Display
Makes gardening less demanding

“Stack-n-Plant” is a stackable pot system that is ideal for gardeners with busy lifestyles. The system maximises the growing space in a small garden, on a balcony, or a patio.

When away from the home on warm summer weeks, valued potted plants can be lost during prolonged dry weather. The in-built reservoir system of “Stack-n-Plant” helps to retain moisture for extended periods, and an overflow system prevents water-logging from accidental over-watering.


From Stunning Floral Displays to Kitchen Gardens

“Stack-n-Plant” is convenient for herb gardens, where produce can be located for access from the kitchen. Other popular uses include strawberry towers, ornamental displays, floral displays, seed beds and salad gardens. “Stack-n-Plant” keeps fruit clear of the soil, reducing the risk of rot or slug damage. The compact stacked form helps to produce a high yield per m2.

Pots come as a set of 3 with a base tray, and each pot has 3 planting sections, giving 9 planting areas per pack and a spacious centre area in the top pot. As everything is contained within a conveniently small footprint, the stacked tower can be brought inside to avoid frost damage and extend the active growing season.